Kung Fu and the Tao

Question: Derek, I’ve been studying kung fu for the last three years. I bought your books based on my sifu’s…

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Think about how chaotic life can be. When we are born, we mark the moment with the baby’s first cry…

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Ancient Rulers

Question: Derek, in chapter 39 there is a line that says rulers called themselves “alone, bereft, and unworthy.” Can you…

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Change in an Instant?

Question: Derek, I understand your point about chapter 64 of the Tao Te Ching – you have explained that great…

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Holy Books

Question: Derek, I have studied many holy books. Each one has to be understood as the product of its time….

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Question: Derek, in your commentaries you seem quite certain about the meaning of the passages, but isn’t the Tao supposed…

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How to Lead a Tao Discussion

Question: Derek, next month I am expected to lead a group discussion on a spiritual topic of my choice. I…

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Sun Tzu

Question: Derek, I am currently reading Sun Tzu, and I am wondering how it is connected to the Tao. I…

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