The Dance

It is a pleasant evening as you walk up to the entrance of the ballroom. You’ve been invited to a…

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Old Friends

Once, there was a gathering of three old friends. They were all scholars leading busy lives, but they made it…

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Success and the Tao

Question: Derek, the title of your book, The Tao of Success, is a bit puzzling to me. Shouldn’t the Tao…

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The Value of the Tao

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu describes the Tao as the value beyond value, with a price beyond price….

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Introducing the Tao to Friends

Question: Derek, if one is still in the process of learning various lessons in the Tao, what can one do…

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To Ferry Others

Question: Derek, I keep coming across references to “ferrying people” while studying Eastern philosophy. What does it mean? Answer: In…

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My Path and My Loved Ones

Question: Derek, I have discovered the Tao and I feel it is the right path for me. However, my family…

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The Cover for The Tao of Daily Life

Question: Derek, The Tao of Daily Life has an interesting cover that shows a bowl on a stand. What do…

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