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The Seven Virtues of Water

The highest virtue resembles water. This is a concept that many of us have encountered in Tao cultivation, but what does…

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Respect for Life

Why do we cultivate the Tao? There are so many spiritual paths out there, how does the Tao differ from…

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Meet the Meat

Tao practitioners often say that the Tao is everywhere. One can learn from just about anything in one’s environment if…

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Seize the Day

Sunrise signifies the beginning of a brand new day, an amazing gift for all of us. We have the power…

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Lotus Ripples 3

The Tao of Relationships

Three Surprising Lessons from Ancient Masters Start by managing your relationship with yourself. The ancient masters taught that you must…

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The Dance

It is a pleasant evening as you walk up to the entrance of the ballroom. You’ve been invited to a…

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The Value of the Tao

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu describes the Tao as the value beyond value, with a price beyond price….

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Think about how chaotic life can be. When we are born, we mark the moment with the baby’s first cry…

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