Tao Q&A


What is Zen?

Question: What is Zen? Answer: “Zen” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “chan,” which is in turn the…

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The Tao of Christmas

Question: Derek, do Taoists celebrate Christmas? Should they? Now that the holiday season has arrived, I am wondering if I…

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The Correct Way to Say “Tao”

Question: Derek, I am currently studying Tao philosophy with my Tai Chi instructor. I noticed he pronounced “Tao” like “dowel” instead…

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Reincarnation and the Tao

Question: Derek, how does the concept of reincarnation fit into the Tao? I would like to understand what you base your…

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The Tao of Giving

Question: Derek, as the holiday season approaches, I find myself facing the fact that I won’t be able to give…

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Social Graces

Question: How do you gracefully leave a flailing party early, without causing the rest of the crowd to abandon ship…

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What is the Tao?

Question: What is the Tao? Answer: Tao (pronounced “dao”) means literally “the path” or “the way.” It is a universal…

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Dealing With Setbacks

Question: Derek, I am a beginner when it comes to the Tao. While I enjoy learning the concepts from your…

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