Tao Q&A


Question on Homosexuality

Question: Derek, the topic of homosexuality came up the other day as I was discussing the Tao with a group…

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Diligence and Discipline

Question: Derek, you have stated that discipline and diligence are congruent with Tao, while indifference and apathy are not in…

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Science and the Tao

Question: Derek, is it possible for a scientist to believe in the Tao? Answer: Yes. Some scientists already do, but…

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Personal Communication

Question: Derek, what is the best way for me to respond when someone says something harmless, like “It is so…

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Dynamic Balance

Question: Derek, you often speak of dynamic balance. What does it mean exactly? Answer: Dynamic balance refers to a real-world…

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Immersed in the Tao

Question: Derek, why do we need to practice or cultivate anything in the Tao? By definition, the Tao is everywhere,…

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