The Sea Bird

Once upon a time in ancient China, there was an unusual bird from the sea that landed in the countryside….

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Leafcutter ant (atta cephalotes) carrying leaf, close-up

Where is the Tao?

One day, a scholar by the name of Donguozi asked Chuang Tzu: “That which we call the Tao — where…

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Weaken and Strengthen

The latest ratings came in, and they showed that Anthony’s newscast ranked first. Again Anthony was the number one news…

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The Right Manager

You walk toward the set to get ready for another day of shooting. The cameras are in position, and off…

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The Light Bulb

Once there was a young man who worked at a factory. His mentor, an old technician, taught him to talk…

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Respect for Life

Why do we cultivate the Tao? There are so many spiritual paths out there, how does the Tao differ from…

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Meet the Meat

Tao practitioners often say that the Tao is everywhere. One can learn from just about anything in one’s environment if…

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